The Neat Streets programme offers several different workshops free of charge to participating schools. The workshops can be delivered to committees, teachers, individual classes/ year groups or to a whole school. The workshops are delivered in order to aid schools and students to introduce and improve waste and litter minimisation and are delivered based on the requirements of each individual school, a few sample workshops are detailed below but specific workshops can be designed around a schools individual needs.

All workshops are delivered on site at the school and are conducted by the Neat Streets programme officer.To request a workshop don't hesitate to get in contact  

Introduction Workshop

The introduction workshop is designed to give participating schools,  insight into how the Neat Streets programme works

National Spring Clean / Litter pick Workshop

This workshop is designed to aid school to participate in the National Spring Clean litter pick, the workshop is generally conducted outside of school grounds thus working towards reducing litter in the wider community.

Surveying Workshop

The surveying workshop is designed to aid students to assess the litter and waste situation both inside the their school and in the wider community using the Neat Streets Baseline Survey. 

Recycling Workshop

The recycling workshop sets out to explain what types of materials and waste is accepted in recycling bins and to detail to life cycle of recyclable material. 

Anti-litter Workshop

This workshops aims to give students an insight into the problems associated with litter and litter, within their school, in the wider community and globally.  

Other Workshops

Other workshops can be developed on a different litter based topics  and delivered by the Neat Streets programme officer on request. Please contact in order to arrange such a workshop