A New Committee and New Initiatives

Posted by on Tuesday, October 25, 2011
Since the start of September St. Mac Dara's has established a brand new committee allowing other students in the school the opportunity to be involved with Green Schools. The new committee has a very active and very keen attitude towardsattaining their first green flag this year. They have undertaken brand new initiatives towards attaining this goal.

These include; the purchasing of new segregated bins, a litter rota, a dedicated green room and are running a green week.

The new bins have taken the place of all the old bins and instead of just one bin for everything they are divided into three sections forcompost, recyclables and then general waste. We hope this will greatly impact the amount of rubbish disposed of by the school, as we established last year that 70% of school waste was recyclable. The bins are monitored during their busiest times (lunch time) by a prefect to ensure students put their rubbish in the correct bin.

A litter rota is fully established and working very well so far with students from different classes going to the green room and then outside to pick up any litter on the ground. These students come from SPHE and CSPE classes where stewardship is a part of the course. The TY students alsohave a very important job, they go around after every lunch time and empty all of the school bins, ensuring the waste is put in the correct bins

The school now has a green room which is clearly distinguished bythe sign on the door. It contains the bibs, gloves and litter pickers as well as different litter bags for the people on the litter rota who need to go outto collect litter.


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