St. Kilian's Litter & Recycling Awareness Day

Posted by on Tuesday, January 31, 2012
28 students from the TY Environmental Studies class and some fifth years from the Green School Committee ran a litter and recycling day for first year student's at St. Kilian's. They received a guided tour of the school, were shown where the litter bins and recycling bins are, and instructed how to use them - what materials can be recycled in school and what can not. An emphasise was put on the need to put correct waste into the landfill bins and not to contaminate the recyclables.

All 90 first years were brought outside for a litter hunt around the school and succeeded in filling 4 full bags of rubbish as well as pulling the occasional chair and plastic box out of the hedge row! Afterwards they were brought inside and shown a slideshow which demonstrated just how dirty the corridors and social areas can get. Student's were also shown two short animated clips about recycling that were produced by the TY's as part of their environmental class.

Shortly after a table quiz based on recycling and litter was keenly contested.The students had a good time and were treated to some goodies for being good listeners and willing litter pickers. The first years also came up with their own slogans about litter and recycling which will be posted in the library.