Clean Coast in Belmullet

May 30, 2013
The students of St Brendan's in Belmullet, Co Mayo carried out a coastal litter pick on the local sea front. The students of the school worked alongside Belmullet Tidy Towns group in order to clean up the beach. The students found it hugely interesting to see the large portion of plastics found along the shore and were shocked to find out that it can take up to 500 years before plastic degrades.

The action day was a huge success bringing together community groups to tackle the issue of litter in the local area.


Lunch Time Clean Sweep

February 14, 2013
St Brendan's College have got the ball rolling with their Action Plan towards reducing litter and waste within the school, TY students have been given the role of sweeping the canteen area of school at the end of lunch. It is hoped that giving the TY group this responsibility will give the students the ownership issue of litter and waste within school and the wider community and in turn reduce the rate of litter and waste by students.


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