Riversdale Community College Applies for the Green Flag

December 5, 2011

Riversdale CC has applied for the Green Flag award. The school has made great progress in tackling litter and waste issues and put in place a system for recycling and litter management. There has been a great collective effort from students and teachers to get the school to this stage of the application process, for example:

A Litter Squad has been set up in 1st year as part of the Neat Streets programme. This group monitors the school grounds every Monday and Tuesday after the small and big break. They pick up litter and separate.

There are also Litter squads in 3rd and 4th year who monitor litter around the school grounds.

A bin warden group was formed in 3rd year. These students monitor the bins in the school assembly area. They make sure the correct rubbish is placed in the correct bin.

Records are kept weekly of the number of bins going to landfill. The volume of bins is also noted. This is carried out by two fifth year students who are members of the Green-Schools Committee.



Neat Streets Litter Pickers

October 10, 2011

1st year students at Riversdale Community College have formed a Neat Streets team to combat litter and work alonside the Green-Schools Committee. The 'Neat Streets Litter Pickers' carry out a clean up of the school yard every lunchtime. To ensure all students and staff are invloved in the initiative the 'Litter Pickers' will operate a rotational system.
The school has purchased new bins for waste separation and is hoping for a good response from all students and teachers as the scheme is rolle...
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