New Recycling Bins

July 16, 2013
The student committee of Presentation Secondary School, Wexford identified not only a low level of recycling in their school due to the lack of recycling bins but also identified that there was very little knowledge across the school body of the materials which can be accepted in recycling bins.

The student committee with the aid of the Neat Streets grant purchased new recycling bins for each classroom within the school. The committee also invited Eoin Morton (An Taisce's Neat Street Programme Officer) to deliver a presentation to each year group detailing the problems associated with littering, the benefits of recycling and the materials which are accepted in the school's recycling bin.

The committee have reported that the introduction of the bins has been hugely successful in increase the level of recycling carried out within the school and also that the presentation has led to a reduction in the amounts of contamination in the recycling bins. 



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