Introducing Neat Streets!

December 9, 2011

The Education Unit is currently running a new anti-litter programme for Secondary Schools called Neat Streets. This is the first year of the programme and it is currently in a pilot phase with 20 schools currently taking part across the Leinster region.

Neat Streets is linked to the Green-Schools programme and involves students working with their communities to develop initiatives to tackle litter in their local areas. Neat Streets encourages schools to initially assess and measure litter levels and policy within the school and then to engage the wider community in implementing a litter management plan.

The programme is designed to facilitate and develop leadership, project management, citizenship and communication skills among students; through the design and implementation of an anti-litter campaign.  

Participating schools are already making great progress and developing new and effective ways to tackle litter in their schools, such as; identifying and tackling litter black spot areas, using ICT for litter awareness, producing their own anti-litter websites etc.

To find out more about Neat Streets and learn what schools are doing visit

The Neat Streets pilot programme is supported by the Wrigley Company Foundation.



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