'Bin It Better' Diverts 1 Tonne Of Waste from Landfill

Posted by on Tuesday, February 18, 2014 Under: Mount Anville
The student committee of Mount Anville Secondary School have introduced a new element to their anti-litter and waste campaign, the 'Bin It Better' campaign looks to promote the correct use of both recycling and general waste bins around the school. The campaign involved TY students actively promoting and educating fellow student on what waste is acceptable in each bin as outlined by the Neat Street Programme Officer during a workshop. This information has been subsequently communicated to all 500 other students in the school through a short presentation at assembly. Other members of the student committee also monitored bin use during lunch time ensuring all students used the bin correctly.

The 'Bin IT Better' campaign has been massively successful in the past couple of months, reducing waste to landill by 1 tonne month on month!

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