Mercy College NRG Girls!

Posted by on Friday, December 23, 2011

We have created an NRG Squad and an NRG notice board to increase the awareness on energy wastage, energy conservation and climate change.

We volunteered with other students to organise a poster campaign, energy competitions, best energy superhero drawing, best energy motto for Mercy and best energy poem. We encouraged all the students to Recycle More batteries and Recycle Better. We also ran a ‘Guess how many batteries competition’? These competitions brought about great energy awareness at school.

We have placed our NRG signs on every light switch around our school to encourage students to turn off lights when leaving the classroom. Our NRG sign is in the shape of a light bulb, and is placed around all light switches. It has an energy message saying “Turn off lights, when not in use” with our name ‘NRG’. We think this innovative idea will help reduce energy wastage in our school.

We have made the students here more aware of how to manage and conserve energy at school and at home through the electronic messaging board along with energy messages on the intercom.

We have created partnerships with students and staff in our school through our energy awareness week and campaign.

We have created partnerships with companies such as Eco- unesco, ESB, Jack and Jill Foundation and IKEA in our community to assist us with energy issues and being more sustainable as a school.

We have made the students in our school more aware of energy conservation through an environmentally friendly product – our NRG Key ring. We produced our NRG key ring from recycled cardboard. On the front of the key ring we have our name “NRG Girls” with a cut out of a girl and it contains our slogan on the back: “Save energy, Save money and Save the planet”. We think this second innovative idea will help reduce energy wastagein our school.