Recycling Loyalty Card

February 20, 2013
Carlow VEC has introduced a recycling loyalty card with the aim of increasing recycling rates in the school, The loyalty card will work by giving a stamp for each soft drink can purchased in the school shop and subsequently recycled. With every 10 recycled cans a student will receive a can. It is envisioned that the loyalty card will increase the recycling rate within the school but also change the student's attitudes to recycling. The loyalty card is alos likely to decrease the amount of litter produced in the school as the school identified that aluminium can were a leading constituent of litter found on school grounds.


Waste Segregation

February 14, 2013
Carlow VEC has implemented separate waste bins for recyclable materials such as foil and plastic. The school has also put in place compost bins in order to divert food waste from landfill.  These bins will aid the school towards their goal of waste and litter minimisation.


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