Action Plan Ideas 

Following completion of the survey and collation of data, the Neat Streets team should analyse the information recorded and highlight the main findings. Once the Neat Streets team understands the problem they have to think of ways to solve it. It is up to your school to develop a Neat Streets model that best suits your circumstances.

 Here are some ideas that have previously worked in secondary schools across the country  not every idea will work in your school but should lead you in the right direction towards implementing an effective anti-litter and waste action plan. 


Recycle Bins: Where no recycling is done this is probably the best place to start, purchase recycle bins and position them in litter black spots as well as in class rooms, corridors, locker areas and the canteen. Brightly coloured recycle bins with LIDS generally work best! Always list in words or pictures what should go into the bin.

Waste bins:  Always ensure there is a general waste bin at each of the highlighted litter black spots because without a bin litter will continue to build up. Again a list of words or pictures detail what should go into this bin should be printed on each bin.


Anti-Litter and Waste Awareness

Slogan Poster Competition: A competition with a monetary or voucher prize for an individual student who comes up and designs a slogan poster.

Video Clips: Video clips generally hit teenagers with a message easier than posters and usually don’t take any longer to make as generally teenagers are better than teachers at these kinds of things! Or just play one which has already made such as this one which was produced by South Dublin Co Co. Putting the video on a visual display in the school, if the school doesn't have a visual display a brilliant alternative is using a projector to display the video on the wall in the canteen during lunch time.

Litter Wardens: Appoint litter wardens to patrol litter black spot during peak time such as lunch time, it may be helpful to point teachers to this role as authority will aid this role.

Partnerships in the local community: It’s always great for a school to work in the local community as generally in is the community where the students themselves are from. Students working alongside local business to tackle the issue of litter and waste in their community, as two heads generally work better than one. Shops where students go for lunch are always a good start but also consider local multinational companies as they generally like to be seen working in the community

Website: The use of the schools website is always a great way to communicate what the school is doing on the issue of litter and waste within the school.

Lunch Time Clean Sweep: A daily or weekly litter pick carried out by students or committee members in the canteen or yard towards the end of the lunch time break. This action is highly visible and is making a real difference in tackling the litter problem.

Free Can: A recycling loyalty card whereby students receive a free can for every 10/20 cans recycled.

Tidy classroom competition: A competitive anti-litter competition between classes/years will make the awareness campaign more fun to take part in. Prizes could potential be funded by the Neat Streets grant.

Junk Couture: Is a nationwide recycled fashion completion run every year with a top prize of 5,000e, entries for this years competition close on the 21st of Feb 2013. There is a short video here by TV3 detailing some of this years entries.


Day of Action Ideas

Non- Uniform day: Students who wear green pay 1e, students who do not pay 2e. This will raise the question of WHY??? And in turn get students talking about the issue of litter or environmental issues within the school.

National Spring Clean: A Nation Wide litter pick during the month of April, involving students in this will give time out of class and thus making the idea of picking up litter enjoyable. Usually looks good in local paper which I can potentially arrange and it’s always nice to hear a GOOD NEWS story about Secondary Schools.

Used Mobile Phone Collection: Students as well as teacher generally have several mobile phones sitting at home, Charities such as the Jack and Jill Foundation collect and recycle these phones, recycle and giving to charity.....Win-Win

Tidy Towns: The local tidy Town committee in every town are always looking for as many volunteers as possible, getting students involved in a mid-week litter pick during school hours is a good way to introduce students to the tidy towns committee.

Environmental based quiz: A quiz highlighting the environmental issues inside and outside the school can be enjoyable for students and allow them to learn about the issue of litter and waste outside the traditional classroom setting. Prize always make things more enjoyable...

Guest speakers: Members of staff from the local authority, An Taisce and other environmental organisations are usually willing to visit school in order to highlight the issue of litter and waste within schools.

Litter Picks at major events: It could be possible to arrange a litter pick at a major event in the local community such as a GAA match, concert or festival in exchange to the event; again this could be used as a platform to advertise the school in local media.

Visit local recycling depots or landfills:  It is eye opener students to see where their waste ends up.