The Neat Streets programme is an anti-litter & waste campaign  run within secondary schools across the Republic of Ireland. The programme is designed to facilitate and develop leadership, project management, citizenship and communication skills among students, through the design and implementation of an anti-litter and waste campaign.

Participating schools are encouraged to initially assess and measure litter and waste levels and policy within the school and then work to reduce litter and waste issues.

They are also asked to engage the wider community in implementing a litter management plan for the local area. Each school will develop a Neat Streets model that best suits its own circumstances, as schools will identify different priorities and set specific targets following initial investigations. Participating students should be given flexibility to design a project they feel will be most effective in reaching their schoolmates and also engaging the wider community, with novel and creative ideas encouraged. 

The links on this page provide information and ideas on how to develop your Neat Streets programme and the Neat Streets Guide (right hand side of this page) should be referred to over the duration of the project.

An Taisce provides ongoing support, training and advice for participating schools. Schools also develop their own expertise and exchange information and experiences with other participating schools over the course of the programme.

An Taisce currently supports participating schools through the website, school visits, meetings with students, workshops and seminars etc. In addition, schools should seek the support of local stakeholders and groups - such as local authorities, Tidy Towns, local shops etc. to build a strong network on the ground.

The Neat Streets programme also provides a Neat Streets pack to aid the implementation of the programme for each participating school. The pack includes pinbadges, hoodies, litter picks, hi-vis vests, bags and gloves. Schools that successfully implement the Neat Streets programme over an academic year are presented with the Neat Streets award on completion of their programme. 

Contact us: neatstreets@eeu.antaisce.org, An Taisce EEU, 5a Swift's Alley, Dublin 8, Ph 01 - 4002221

Neat Streets is operated by  the Environmental Education Unit  of An Taisce  and is funded by The Wrigley Company Foundation.